We can all relate to brands – they are everywhere and we see them every day. Some are good, some bad, some controversial. Every organisation has one – whether they realise it or not.

As you would expect, the logo is the most instantly recognisable component of most brands but… there is so much more.

When working on a brand development project, we want to get ‘under the hood’ and truly understand what makes an organisation tick. What do they represent? What do they say and why? How do they interact with their clients and for what purpose? What tools do they have, need and utilise? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Once we understand this we can begin to develop a brand strategy and guidance which is relevant, fit for purpose and future-proof.

This process will naturally include design components – logo, literature, website, Powerpoint templates… But we also strive to explain the culture of an organisation beyond the visual. From this we can produce a comprehensive set of guidelines and rules of engagement for every aspect of the organisation – the tone of language we use, the type of imagery that best reflects the brand, how to structure communications for maximum impact – and everything in-between.

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